Most health tech companies or healthcare organizations that have migrated to cloud-based platforms often find cloud operations management challenging as their core business is application development or their focus is usually and, more rightly so, on patients. CloudOps requires discipline and dedicated focus as more and more cloud services move to production. CloudOps covers network security, device management, performance, compliance, service level agreements, capacity, and much more that ensures cloud services and infrastructure up and running.

Altysys takes responsibility and ownership of your day-day operations with its team of cloud operations team and set of ops tools / automations.

AIOps: Artificial Intelligence Operations

IAC: Infrastructure as code

CI/CD: Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

SecOps: Security Operations

We provide Managed Services for CloudOps and depending upon business needs we provide augmented support as well extending your current operations teams. Our Managed Services includes:

Monitoring and Altering

Platform Patching

SLA Management

Logging and Dashboard

Asset and License Management

Problem and Incident Management

Disaster Recovery

Identity and Access Management

Service Desk


Performance & Capacity Management

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