Healthtech firm improved its medication alerting system operations for their end customers, healthcare providers and clinicians with Altysys’ advanced analytics solutions

About the Company

A reputed healthcare technology company providing critical drug and medical device databases to healthcare providers, payers, clinicians, technology developers, and pharmaceutical retailers.

Business Need

Medication alerting is crucial for ensuring patient outcomes. However, it has also caused concern to patients, hospitals and physicians. A research study found that patients and physicians negate 90% of medication alerts and consider over half of the notifications irrelevant. Due to over-alerting, timing mistakes, and limited information, physicians suffer from alert fatigue, causing substantial risk to patient safety.

As a result, hospitals have to spend significant time and money to pull out medication alerting data from electronic health records (EHRs), understand their underlying cause, and analyze their impact on patient care and hospital operations.

Therefore, the client reached out to Altysys to develop an analytics system that would –

  • Decrease alert noise
  • Highlight patients at greater risk of harm
  • Provide targeted medical warnings
  • Provide pharmacogenomics and Best Practice Advisories (BPA)


The Altysys team comprehensively assessed the client’s requirements and formulated a solution roadmap. The team then put the plan into action –

  • Developed a Tableau-based analytics solution for clinical decisioning to identify the top ten medication alerts activated at the healthcare provider’s end
  • Designed an intuitive dashboard to see the impact of medication alert changes
  • Enabled analysis of the reasons behind each medication alert
  • Utilized AWS tech stack to integrate the solution with the hospital’s Epic system that would pull medication alert statistics and patient data and analyze the data
  • Integrated the analytics solution with an alerting system to close the loop and optimize the alert settings based on the solution’s recommendations or findings
  • Deployed the solution with BPA service

Business Impact

  • Streamlined medical alerting system with targeted medical warning for conditions such as QT Prolongation and Opioid Risk, along with BPA and drug-drug interaction alerts
  • Enhanced alerting content with pharmacogenomics and alternative therapies
  • Identified and resolved CDS malfunction with actionable guidance

About Altysys: Altysys, founded by executives with several years of experience in technology consulting and services, is a provider of healthcare technology consulting and solutions. Headquartered in Bengaluru – India’s Silicon Valley, Altysys is a data and cloud-first company with deep expertise in health clouds, data interoperability, data analytics, GenAI and AI/ML enabled technology solutions, serving Payers, Providers, Health Techs, and Pharma.

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